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What is creatine powder? (and should you take it)

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25 Jul 2023

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  1. What exactly does creatine do?
  2. What are the benefits of taking creatine?
  3. When should I take a creatine supplement?
  4. What are the side effects of creatine?
  5. How long does it take for creatine to show results?
  6. Is it safe to take creatine every day?
  7. How much creatine should I take each day to build muscle?

If we want to take our bodies to the next level, we need to make sure all of the boxes are ticked, including taking supplements that will help speed up our progression. Your choice of supplement should work with you to enable you to gain maximum results. It’s highly likely that if you haven’t come across creatine before, you soon will. 

Bodybuilders generally have a decent amount stocked in their supplement cupboards as it’s considered one of the premier league supplements for sports nutrition if you’re serious about increasing exercise performance, gaining bulk and strength and wanting to increase muscle mass.

What exactly does creatine do?

The effects of creatine and its proven health benefits are clear. Creatine supplementation has been used to enhance athletic performance and strength since the early days of bodybuilding. When consumed, it’s an organic acid that will convert into creatine phosphate, producing adenosine triphosphate. This provides rapid energy to fuel your muscles and enables you to perform extra-powerful workouts. 

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Creatine can be absorbed from protein-rich foods such as red meat or supplementation. Those looking to take themselves to the next level more quickly will choose both methods. The science is clear- the heavier weights you lift, the bigger the muscle growth. 

The more microtears your muscles will take and repair to form bigger, bulkier muscles. Creatine is essential when we need that “quick-fix” or rapid energy for high-intensity workouts such as powerlifting.

What are the benefits of taking creatine?

Creatine supplements are perfect for giving you that extra boost in the gym but fuelling your workouts to the max. You’ll feel less tired and able to lift more and perform more sets and reps before tiring. 

Once the creatine kicks in, you can increase your workload and push yourself harder. Unlike most energy boosters, creatine contains no calories, so there’s no issue with gaining fat by utilizing it to power your workout. 

The great thing about creatine is that it will continue to push you to greater gains, no matter your level. And it’s not all about muscle gain, either! 

Studies have shown that creatine is excellent for enhancing your cognitive ability too. It’s been shown to aid brain health as it improves your mental focus and reaction time too, which is great for when you need that extra concentration in the gym.

When should I take a creatine supplement?

There’s some debate about the “perfect” time to take creatine as part of your daily dietary supplements, but the consensus is that it should be shortly before or after a workout. 

We suggest 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after to maximize your training and recovery benefits. If you’re taking it on a rest day, it’s best to take it as a protein-rich meal.

What are the side effects of creatine?

Creatine contains no calories, but you can expect some weight gain through water. In the first week of using it, you can expect to gain a few pounds through water retention. However, this side effect is positive as it pushes water into your muscles, making them bulkier. Creatine won’t work on its own- you need to be working out too. 

Creatine will work with you to give you more endurance for your exercise, leading to much more significant gains. There may be other side effects, such as stomach discomfort, muscle cramps and bloating, but this tends to happen if you take too much creatine. If you stick to the recommended dosage, there should be no issues. 

How long does it take for creatine to show results?

Everyone is different, and how long creatine will take to work for you personally depends on how quickly your system reacts to it. The general expectation is that you should see results between a fortnight and a month after you start to consume it. When we say “results”, we mean that you’ll begin to find your workouts that bit easier and will be able to push harder and lift heavier. 

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Once the degree of muscle saturation in your body has been satisfied, you’ll start to experience its powerful effects. Don’t be tempted to take too much to move things along a bit quicker. This may lead to side effects and injury as your expectation level increases. Working with your body, rather than against it, is the tried and tested method of progression and the perfect way to improve performance and gain muscle.

Is it safe to take creatine every day?

Creatine is safe to take daily long-term, so long as you do not exceed the recommended dose. You can take it on training and rest days to keep regular storage of it in your system. Creatine won’t work on its own, but if you’re exercising regularly, you’ll be able to utilize its effects on a long-term basis. 

How much creatine should I take daily to build muscle?

The sensible and safe way to take creatine is a daily dose of up to 5.5 grams (0.2 ounces). This can be broken down into half before a workout and half afterwards. Some might prefer to break this down into smaller doses over the day, but the fewer you have, the more convenient it will be.

Creatine is one of the must-have items in the locker room of anyone serious about pushing their body harder and developing their ultimate physique. Creatine works with your body to enable you to get an extra boost of energy to fuel more powerful workouts. More powerful, energy-fuelled workouts mean more gains, more bulk, increased muscle mass, more strength and a rapid progression in your schedule. Creatine is easy to take, and you’ll start to see results in a matter of weeks.

Should you take Creatine?

So, should you introduce Creatine into your diet?

Yes, it’s a great way to supercharge your workout and help you push things to the next level. 

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