The best at home gym essentials

The best at home gym essentials

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13 Feb 2023

It’s that “New Year, New You” time again, and you’re buzzed up and ready to go. 

Like many people, you want to go to the gym but don’t want to GO to the gym. It’s too far away, too much hassle, and you don’t have the time. 

Now is the time to bring the gym to you and set up your own. An at-home gym has plenty of benefits, and while you may feel that the setup cost might be high, just think of the gym membership subscriptions you’ll be saving on and the fitness goals you could achieve. 

And at least you’ll attend this one!

But what do you need to kit out your home gym and make sure you use it?

Why build a home gym?

These days we’re used to spending a lot more time at home, so why not transform that space into somewhere you can hit the gym to reach your goals faster? 

The benefits of a home gym…

  • You can fit in your workout whenever you want, rather than having to schedule it at a specific time during the day.
  • Once your exercise equipment is complete, you’ll save money on gym memberships and travelling to a gym.
  • You can sneak in an extra workout each day if you feel up to it
  • If you work from home, you have the convenience of working out during your lunch hour
  • You won’t need to worry about germs and viruses
  • You can tailor it to your own specific needs
  • You can train in complete privacy

    Building your private gym is an excellent idea if you’ve got the living space in your home, but what do you need? 

    Whether it's a power rack, workout bench or weight rack, we've covered you with our list of essential home exercise equipment.

    What are the at-home gym essentials?

    The type of home gym equipment you’ll need will depend on your aims, but we’ve listed the ones we feel are the essential workout equipment of any home gym. 

    This is a home gym essentials checklist and one which should be perfect for enhancing your cardio and strength training.

    The Best Weight Rack

    Rogue RM-3 Monster Rack 2.0

    Cost: £1,370.84

    If you’re looking for a top-quality weight rack, look no further than the Rogue RM-3 Monster Rack 2.0. 

    It’s Rogue’s top-end 30″ depth rack, and while it’s not the cheapest on the market, it will more than make up for it in quality and longevity.

    Compatible with Rogue’s Monster attachments and attachments from other companies, it’s versatile enough to build to suit. Others are within the range for those with a smaller budget, but the Rogue RM-3 Monster Rack is undoubtedly the star.

    The Best Kettlebell

    Homefit Adjustable Kettlebell

    Cost: £89.95

    One of the best value kettlebells on the market. As far as home gyms are concerned, this is perfect as it will save you plenty of space. 

    Its clever design means it can be slotted away until needed without getting in the way. There are several weights inside, which is excellent considering the price. It also has a great grip and will be a welcome addition to your weight room.

    The Best Barbell

    X Training Elite Barbell:

    Cost: $219

    This was a tricky category, with plenty of potential winners, but we’re bearing in mind that setting up a home gym can be costly. So, we’re looking for a quality barbell that isn’t at the top end of the price bracket. 

    Step forward the X Training Elite Barbell, with its solid build and high-quality spec. The price includes free shipping, too, so you’ll be unlikely to find a better value option for a solid multi-purpose bar.

    Best Weight Plates

    Mirafit Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates

    Cost: £69.95

    Another great value addition to your home gym, which should last you a long time. They have a smooth black finish that looks and feels highly professional. 

    The cast iron gains maximum weight on both sides and is color-coded for easy identification. The solid rubber coating absorbs the shock of falling to the floor brilliantly. Is suitable for use on Olympic diameter bars.

    Best Resistance Bands

    Body Power Mini Band Set 

    Cost: £3.99

    Great for use with barbells or resistance training. They have an excellent lightweight design but are as tough as you need them to be. They have a nice rubber finish and are highly durable. 

    Once again, we’re going for quality and value, and the Body Power Mini Band Set ticks all the boxes.

    Best Training Bench 

    Flybird Adjustable Bench

    Cost: $128

    Let’s cut to the chase here- it’s just a weight bench. You don’t need any fancy add-ons; you just need something to support you while you’re training on your back with free weights. 

    The FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench will do the job nicely, and it’s strong enough that it should last you a long time too. There are plenty of adjustments available, so you’ll be able to change your position as you please, and better still, it shouldn’t burn a significant hole in your pocket. 

    It’s very secure, supports your full-body workout, and has an excellent foldable bench option. Top marks for this one. You'll be doing your bench presses with confidence.

    Best Cardio Machines

    JTX Slimline Flat Fold Away Treadmill

    Cost: £529

    Aside from weight training, getting your heart rate up should be an essential part of your workout, and no home gym owners should be without cardio equipment. There are plenty of treadmills on the market, but one that will fit snugly into a relatively small workout space, is highly durable and has the flexibility to be moved is the perfect fit. 

    The JTC Slimline Flat Fold Away Treadmill fits the bill and the fact that it’s foldaway means you can bring it out and store it away whenever you need it so that it won’t take up much-needed space. There are 40 workout programs to get your heart racing, and the price is highly competitive.

    Best Plyo Box 

    Rogue Echo Foam Games Box

    Cost: £206.69

    Of all the plyo boxes, this is undoubtedly the holy grail. Whether you’re a newcomer or an advanced pro, these will push you to new heights, and the clever design means they have the added cushioning you wouldn’t get from a wooden box. 

    They are available in various sizes, from six to twenty-four inches and can be stacked for maximum height with the large hook and loop straps on all four sides. The soft foam means you’ll not get shin damage, and for those who are into their squatting, you’ll find these are just what you’re looking for.

    What else do I need?

    The equipment listed will undoubtedly be enough to train your muscles and take your performance to new levels. Still, it’s important to remember that your body will need to recover adequately from each workout. 

    While most will want to push it to the limit and train hard every day, torn muscles must repair themselves to grow stronger and avoid injury. 

    Rest days are essential, but if you train cleverly, you can keep the momentum going without losing a workout day. Using one day to train a specific set of muscles and moving onto another set the next day means that you’re not ripping the same group of muscles and allows recovery for each muscle set.

    You must take in plenty of protein to accelerate muscle growth and repair. Protein is essential for muscle-building as it is packed full of amino acids, the building blocks of strength. Make sure you have all the supplements you need. Check out the Crazy Nutrition range.